How To Solve The 2 Biggest Problems That Most Women Face

Are you overstressed and overeating? You are not alone!

We all think we could multitask and we are all Superwomen...right?

Putting others’ needs before ours means that most of us neglect our wellbeing until, at some point in our lives, we realise:

  • The sugar and junk food cravings become stronger than before
  • The jeans that used to fit started to feel a bit tighter
  • Gym appointments keep getting postponed, then cancelled
  • Bathroom mirror and scale are avoided
  • The search and trial of yo-yo dieting begins

Problem 1: We turn to food to curb negative feelings…

While sugary foods, chocolate and wine provide momentary relief, our emotional problems will return after the initial glucose spike. We all know that turning to food for comfort is a vicious cycle but most of us are caught up in this rut until serious health problems arise and we need to do something to change our lives on doctors’ orders.

Solution: What we can do to break the vicious cycle

We need to change our relationship with food and learn to embrace our negative emotions.

Start with understanding our feelings:

  • Recognise that “hunger” could be brought on by negative emotions
  • Look for where the emotions are in our bodies
  • Observe, don’t analyse
  • Use a few minutes to experience the emotion
  • Try to trace backwards for the source of this emotion
  • Take 10 deep breaths and make each exhale longer than the inhale to calm the body and mind
  • Then: Check in on your “hunger” level – has it changed or is it still the same?

Practice by breaking the link between comfort and negative emotions, try to locate the real source of the negative emotions and embrace them.

Problem 2: We cannot stay consistent with our diet, exercise or healthy lifestyle habits

Most of us have the best of intentions, we try various diets, join gym classes, purchase workout books, online exercise programs to get a healthy lifestyle.

How come it feels so difficult and we seem to always find excuses to postpone a gym session, never open the piles of workout books that we bought years ago?

Solution: What we can do to be successful

  • We need to make ourselves accountable to a program.
  • We need to make ourselves accountable to a person.

How Yoga XTC can help

Option 1: Our Infinity Programs

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Option 2: Start with Nutrition Coaching

If you are not ready for the full program, starting with nutrition coaching will get you there 70% of the way.  Weight management and body re-composition is 70% nutrition and 30% exercise.

We coach the Precision Nutrition Method, a habit based year long program which is unlike any nutrition coaching program available on the market now.

More about the Precision Nutrition Method

This method focuses on you, your current lifestyle, helps you create skills to develop healthy habits that will change your life forever. No more following meal plans, being unsure about what you should eat or feeling guilty about not following meal plans.

You will emerge as your own nutritionist, instinctively knowing how to eat, how to listen to your body, what food to eat and when to eat for optimal health whatever your lifestyle is.

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