How to Find Your Best Training Mode Using Your Personality Type

Why do most of us find it hard to stick to a fitness routine and embrace that as part of our lives even though we all know regular exercise reduces the risk of heart disease, Type II diabetes and Alzheimer's? This is especially true for those of us who are highly motivated and are high achievers?

The demands of everyday lives become convenient excuses when it comes to finding time for training. The real reason is not that we do not have time, it is rather that the level of satisfaction we get from training is either non-existent or does not rival the levels of satisfaction that we get from work achievements, career advancements and affections from loved ones.

To be able to incorporate a health and fitness routine into our lives, we need to find the mode of training that gives us satisfaction. This could be results in the form of better sleep, a fitter body, less body aches and pains, clarity of mind or simply “time out” from work and other day to day stress.

Our level of satisfaction and drive to do anything is a direct function of our personality. Let’s find out what type of personality you belong to.


Type A Personality

  • You are very competitive and self critical and always striving towards goals.
  • You hate wasting time and attend to things when they come to mind. Procrastination is not your suit.
  • You always have a long task list which never ends, if not written down, you will have one in your head all the time.
  • You have trouble understanding the stupidity of others as you do not believe you are necessarily exceptionally gifted or are a genius. You expect the best or more from your colleagues and subordinates.
  • You do not understand the concept of not being capable of doing something.
  • Everything is possible and can be learned and you are ready to learn anything.
  • You are passionate about what you do and you need to find meaning in things that you do.
  • You are prone to stressing, worrying. You try to plan and see into the future but are aware of the fact that things can do wrong. You worry about things that may never happen.
  • Relaxation is not appealing to you although you know you need it. Ranking this low on your priority list just means that you are constantly on the go and this can take a toll on your health.
  • You have trouble sleeping although you know sleep is important. This is because your mind keeps running through thoughts and images.
  • Being a perfectionist creates frustration when things do not turn out “perfect”.
  • Efficiency is your priority.
  • Problem solving  is your strong suit and you believe there is always a solution
  • Careers take priority in life, become their purpose in life. As a result, relationships suffer.

This is our Exercise Type Category 1 (XTC 1) intellectuals, mind driven individuals [refer to our article for more details].

Health and other Risks

This type of personality has been found to be associated with the higher risk of developing heart ailments compared to Type B personalities.

Your Preferred Mode of Training

You want results, efficient training methods and your first choice would generally be personal training. You think a personal trainer will be able to design the right program for you, get you the results you want, the energy you need to enable you to work more effectively for more spare time with family and friends.

What Can Go Wrong with Personal Training

Overtime, you will find that your results have plateaued, you no longer feel pumped going to training. You start missing sessions, checking the time during your sessions as boredom sets in and you lose interest. Other priorities creep in and you run the risk of abandoning training or any type of exercise altogether.

Why Personal Training Sessions Alone Cannot Give You Long Term Health and Fitness Results

A healthy lifestyle is more than just training and you need to factor in the right nutrition, correct rest and recovery periods in between training sessions and proper relaxation for the mind.

In order to provide a complete lifestyle program that works, your personal trainer needs to be a certified nutritionist, has knowledge about relaxation techniques and has means to monitor your training activities both during and outside of your training sessions with him/her. There needs to be a complete package designed by a team of experts for long term results.

Why Small Group Individualised Training?

One important determinant in whether any training program works is how vigilantly you keep to your training schedule. What makes you want to train, always feel pumped to go to training?

Training with like minded individuals in a small group while still getting individual attention will fuel your competitive instinct and make every training session something to look forward to. You will also benefit from exposure to different trainers' training styles so your workout is varied. Even though every trainer can promise a different workout each time upon your request, it is more often the way the trainer conducts the sessions, his/her mannerisms that dictate what a training session feels like. Having at least 2 trainers can awaken your senses and spice up your training. This is like using your left hand to brush your teeth every now and then to kick start your brain.

Carefully designed training programs informed by recorded and monitored training efforts will speed up progress which in turn will incentivise you to keep to your training schedule to make that part of your way of life.

Why the Accountability?

Having a team of coaches (nutrition, training and yoga) who make you accountable will ensure that you stick to your training schedule, nutrition plans and get proper recovery to train more efficiently.


Type B Personality

  • You are more indulgent and tolerant and usually enjoy higher levels of satisfaction in life.
  • You know your abilities and work steadily for your goals.
  • You are not too stressed to excel. You find failure disappointing but you are not devastated by it.
  • You are more capable of enjoying games and competitions as you do not have the sole goal of winning.
  • You are ready to explore and fail, where necessary.
  • You have less stressful lives.

Your Preferred Training Mode

You enjoy large group (20–30 people) classes as you want exercise to be fun and you are not too bogged down by perfect techniques or results. You enjoy the adrenaline rush and endorphins release during and after exercise and are completely content with fitting a session in whenever you have time. Missing a session does not bother you as you can always make it up in coming weeks (or not).

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