Creating the Best Version of You

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Remember this question from our childhood? Everyone has fond memories of our answers to this question and we never fail to be amused by the myriad of creative answers we get from children of our next generations.

Children are not bound by past experiences. They are unaware of expectations and are therefore open to infinite opportunities. As we grow, we observe the world around us, become affected by other people’s expectations of us and our childhood aspirations take on a different character…they become dreams.

Dreams are but fantasies which, to our educated minds, have no chance of realisation. Lamentably, they also encapsulate what our inner subconscious being wants. The gap between dreams and reality become a source of unhappiness that overshadows our lives and careers.

Let's face it, everyone wants to be the best version of themselves.

What is stopping you from being the best version of you?

Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle but why does this keep appearing as our New Year Resolution year after year as a “work (hoping to be) in progress”?

Why the procrastination if this is indisputably so good for you? What is holding you back?

All the strategies in the world will not work if you do not examine firstly what you are doing that is inconsistent with the new habits that will get you there.

Old habits need to be broken so new habits can be formed.

6 Steps to a Better Version of You

Step 1 – Visualise

Spend a month visualising how you will feel and look as the "New You".

Feel how satisfying it will be when you:

  1. wake up feeling pumped ready for your workout;
  2. feel your heart pumping, feeding fresh oxygen into every cell, discarding toxins and weariness from your body and mind during your workout;
  3. walk out of the studio feeling elated and ready to take on the world
  4. feel refreshed after your shower and probably a little bit hungry;
  5. treat yourself to a well earned protein rich breakfast;
  6. love your reflection in the mirror when you get dressed for work;
  7. walk into the office with a confident stride, ready to sail through your day.

Learn to love the feeling of the new you by just visualising it and doing it everyday for 30 days.

Step 2 – Plan

Ascertain what current habits are counterproductive to your “New You” vision.

Perhaps it is not getting up early enough to catch a training session, not getting enough sleep because you go to bed late, not sleeping well due to late night snacking, unable to handle work/relationship stress, laboring under a misconception that training will be strenuous.

Find out what habit you need to break and find ways to break it or gradually replace it with good habits. Associate habits that you want to break with unwelcome emotions.

Step 3 – Take action

Here are some practical strategies. For instance, you want to get up early but always find yourself hitting the snooze button.

Here is what you can do:

Place the alarm clock at the other side of the room so you need to physically leave the bed to get to the alarm clock.

Plan to do an activity that you enjoy but rarely have time to do and spend 10-15 minutes doing this. We all have a book that we have always wanted to read but we never got around to it as there never seemed to be an appropriate time to start. 

If you read a book with an average speed of 200 words/minute, then you will easily go through 10-15 pages of a standard novel each day. At this rate, you will finish a novel within a month and that’s 12 books in a year! Remember, the habit that you were trying to break here is snoozing and in working out ways to break this habit, you have inadvertently created another good habit! You are on a roll!

The trick here is to plan an activity for the morning that you look forward to before you go to bed and you will wake up looking forward to it.

Step 4 – Learn how to rebel

Acknowledge what your goals are and ignore the social norm and what your friends do.

It is hard not to be tempted when your environment is conducive to bad eating habits such as skipping meals and munching on fast/junk foods. If you cannot find a new environment, try to select healthy food options when eating out with colleagues, remember how energised you feel if you eat right, exercise enough without the laden, heavy and sluggish feeling after a fatty meal.

Step 5 – Remember to celebrate your successes for your new lifestyle

Never forget to remind yourself how far you have gone each day. Celebrate and congratulate yourself for every little step you have taken. Accept that there will be slip ups but that’s ok. Start afresh and keep at it.

Step 6 – Embrace support

It is always more fun doing things with friends so you can support one another and hold each other accountable.

Accountability is essential as very often, when left to our own devices, we may never get things done. Image if our parents never forced us to learn or go to school, would we have had the basic education that we now have? Having a support group when we build healthy habits reminds us that we owe a duty to ourselves to do the right thing, to respect our bodies for longevity and quality of life.

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