Why put up with crowded gyms and fitness classes? There has to be a better way!

Elevated View Of Busy Gym With People Exercising On Machines

Have you read “The Crowded-Gym Survival Guide” by Brian Grasso which was published in Men’s Fitness Magazine earlier this year? It provides simple and useful tactics to “stake your claim” on an equipment within the gym to complete your workouts.

Are Crowded Gyms and Classes Right for You?

Upon reading this and other similar articles, I cannot help but wonder:

  • Why is it acceptable that you need to “fight” or “stake your claim” to a piece of gym equipment for your workout?
  • How disappointing it would have been if you were all motivated (and motivation is hard to come by) for your scheduled work out only to find out that someone already “staked their claim” on the equipment that you needed? Or when your fitness class is so crowded that it became more like a “body combat/dodge for your life” class?
  • What’s the point of unlimited classes, visits (included in a fixed fee) when in reality, the classes you prefer fill very quickly (so you miss out) or if you are lucky to get in, you will train like sardines in a can? 
  • Are you getting value for your money?
  • Why spend $25–$40 a week ($1,300–$2,080 a year) not knowing when you can train and where it is a given that you will spend more time dodging inadvertent blows from neighbours if you are lucky to get in?
  • Do gym and other unlimited fitness memberships cater for people who have busy lives and can only attend classes early mornings and evenings?

The Yoga XTC Difference

At Yoga XTC, you do not “stake your claim” to an equipment, you “Stake your Claim to your Health and Fitness” with our expert advice, coaching, training and nutrition support. Only spend enough time training to get to your fitness goals, you won't be wasting valuable time.

Yoga XTC is here for busy professionals who are after efficient, effective training and coaching to have their health and fitness taken care of. Leave your training and nutrition to us so you can concentrate on your work, family and hobbies.

Having said the above, gym and unlimited fitness class memberships do work well for people who do not work the traditional “business hours”, are flexible with their working arrangements or are able to devote a lot of time to training.  However, if you are feeling the frustration of not getting what you need from a gym or unlimited fitness class membership, you should start looking for other options so you are not compromising your health and fitness.

All you need to do is to take the first step. Contact us on 03 8528 1001 or email us at mob@yogaxtc.com.au to transform your body and mind today.