How to Integrate Corporate Wellness into Your Work Environment

Over a 50 year working life, it is estimated that we spend around 35% of our total waking hours at work. How good it would be if fitness and nutrition could be brought into the boardroom or the workplace?

Healthier Employees = Happier Workplace = Greater Team = Greater Productivity

Imagine smiley faces in the office, people casually chatting in the kitchen area about their team workout that morning, discussing their fitness routine outside of the office, their choice of food, how they have progressed with weight loss and how their energy levels have increased.

We are hearing more and more about mental health awareness in the workplace when we, as a culture, are getting more and more time constrained, having to meet deadlines, budgets, consequently sacrificing lunch breaks and personal time. Make “staying back in the office during lunch” fun and productive for your employees and create a healthy working environment. More importantly, it can create healthy habits that your employees will significantly increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

What Jennifer Adams, CEO of Jennifer Adams Worldwide, has to say about focusing on wellness:

"Creating a work environment that places emphasis on wellness is the key to success. We instituted 'Wellness Wednesdays,' where employees participate in yoga and meditation, as well as a 'bring-your-pet-to-work day,' which is an incredible stress reliever. These small additions make a significant impact on happiness and productivity, and really help to encourage a light-hearted attitude and mindset among employees."

Why Lunch Time Health and Fitness Sessions?

It is almost impossible to build barriers in a fitness training session and lunch time is a perfect “break” in the day when staff can recharge for the second half of their workday. Team physical activity brings out a primal instinct to connect and with it the motivation to carry on. Where there is connection, there is happiness and productivity.

Everyone knows the benefit of eating healthily and lunch times are also opportune times in the day to get into the habit of eating healthily. However, with busy schedules and the lack of healthy choices around offices, how many people actually bring healthy food from home or buy healthy food most of the time?

Yoga XTC's Corporate Wellness Program

We will bring wellness into your boardroom or workplace with an one hour lunch time session comprising:

  1. 50 minutes of our signature yCross training which combines yoga, strength and cardio training.
  2. Followed by healthy nutritious and tasty chef prepared lunch by Prept Nutrition

Contact us on 03 8528 1001 or email us at to integrate corporate wellness your workplace today.