9 Questions to Identify an Effective Training and Yoga Practising Routine

Have you ever felt like you didn't belong to gyms and studios where there were always tonnes of people, and maybe you weren't getting the right motivation and needed something more for your fitness training and yoga practice? Have you wondered maybe what you have been doing is not really right for you?

We all run into these situations. This is why every now and then we need to stop and rethink so we can move forward again with more focus, confidence and assurance. If that resonates with you, here're 9 questions that could help you to do that.

It starts with your Personality Type:

  1. I am a Type A personality, always on the go.
    ☐    True                    ☐    False
  2. I get frustrated with the crowded, impersonal environment at the gym, fitness and yoga. studios.
    ☐    True                    ☐    False
  3. I want to be constantly motivated and supported in the pursuit of my health goals.
    ☐    True                    ☐    False
  4. I have never been taught the right techniques for exercises or getting into yoga poses.
    ☐    True                    ☐    False
  5. I don't want to feel I am just a participant in class, left to imitate exercises or yoga poses without proper instructions or adjustments.
    ☐    True                    ☐    False
  6. I don't want to keep wasting valuable time in the gym or attending yoga classes when I could be doing something else. Training needs to be for a purpose, effective and with measurable results.
    ☐    True                    ☐    False
  7. I need to build a habit of keeping to a fitness routine that fits my crazy work schedule and lifestyle.
    ☐    True                    ☐    False
  8. I need expert guidance on what training to do, how often to do it, how it can be complemented with yoga and nutrition to get the best result.
    ☐    True                    ☐    False
  9. I want to outsource my health and fitness so I don’t need to figure out what I need to do to maintain a healthy body and mind to work, rest and play.
    ☐    True                    ☐    False

If you have answered mostly TRUE to the above questions, you will get the best results if you have a a group of professionals which, as a whole understands your:

  • training patterns
  • diet
  • fitness level
  • goals
  • your work and personal commitments

Delivers and implements a program that fits into your lifestyle at any stage of your life by:

  • devising an effective training program for you,
  • incorporating yoga to build a leaner, stronger body and a calm and creative mind 
  • monitoring and assessing progress,
  • adjusting your training routine to suit changes in your lifestyle, body and emotions, and
  • advising you on your nutritional requirements based on your lifestyle, level of activities and stress levels.

Your group of professionals will also hold you accountable to ensure that you enjoy the training, the increased energy levels, journey and results. To this, added motivation from training in a small group, luxurious, fun and safe environment will see you achieving your fitness goals in no time.

Don't procrastinate anymore, pick up the phone and contact us on 03 8528 1001 or email us at mob@yogaxtc.com.au to transform your body and mind today. At Yoga XTC, we provide our services as a team, each specialising in his/her own expertise to give you the best tailored program.

If your answers to the above questions mostly fall into the "false" category, you must be either a personal trainer yourself or an elite athlete who can devise your own program, already know the right techniques and duration of training that best serve your goals. You are highly disciplined and have never missed a training session.

For other MMs (mere mortals) like me, if you are after a healthy lifestyle but it all seems too illusory, give us a call and we can help.