Reality check! How is your New Year Resolution coming along?

road of resolution 2016

First month of 2016 is gone, 11 months till to go. Are you well settled into your health and fitness routine or are you still struggling to find your feet?

Feeling frustrated, lost or cannot find the motivation to make the change you desire? What’s missing?

Is this YOU?

  • Bought a gym or fitness membership (Great first step!)
  • Opted for the type of membership that entitles you to unlimited classes?
  • Feel wonderful thinking you can join as many classes as you can and get your value for money….UNTIL
    • You start to feel a little bit apprehensive when booking into classes because:
      • of the large range of classes available
      • you cannot ascertain from the description of the classes which ones would work best for your body to get the most results
      • you visualise yourself amongst fitter and more athletic people in the class
      • you are not sure how to use the gym equipment properly and safely.
  • When you present for class, you feel a little bit lost, the atmosphere comes across as a little tense, people competing against or posing for one another…
  • You over-exert yourself as you don’t want to be the “weakest link” in the class by doing more reps, lifting heavier weights..
  • You are completely exhausted after the session with no energy to work or carry out your normal activities
  • You feel sore the following day and a pinching feeling on the lower back
  • It takes you some 3–4 days to recover from the class and whenever when you are about to book into another class, you remember the uneasiness, the pain and you delay booking in for your next session

If the above more or less describe your experience, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I really getting the most out of my membership? I am paying between $25–$40 per week ($1,300–$2,080 a year) but what am I getting?
  2. Am I serious about living a healthy lifestyle which involves more than just exercising?
  3. Do I know what combination of classes I need to do and their frequencies to achieve the results that I want?
  4. How much priority have I placed on the "unlimited class" feature and how is that serving me at the moment?
  5. Do I need someone to guide me and hold me accountable to my training to ensure that I get results?

Do you know — For what you are already paying yearly with no results, you can achieve measurable results you require in 12 weeks by:

  1. Getting expert advice on the right combination of training you require for our body type and goals.
  2. Following meal plans prepared for you to suit your lifestyle to fit in with your lifestyle and training routine
  3. Training with like minded individuals who are conscious of the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  4. Training in a safe, supportive and fun environment with real time feedback as to efforts
  5. Learning the correct training techniques
  6. Being held accountable to your goals 

Contact us to kickstart your New Year Resolution or to get the results that you have not been able to achieve having spent hours and hours in the gym or having injured yourself in the process.

All you need to do is to take the first step. Contact us on 03 8528 1001 or email us at to transform your body and mind today.