The Yoga XTC Studio Transformation

Yoga XTC was created with a vision to transform people’s lives, to help them get the body that they want and most importantly, to give them the freedom to choose their own lifestyles by first looking after their body and mind.

I first walked into the current premises in May 2014 and I saw an empty space with a tin roof.  It felt impossible at the time to create a welcoming, calming space for yoga and a vibrant, yet not too macho space for fitness group training whilst instilling a sense of “wholeness” from the two apparently very different concepts. I suppose that is what people refer to as Yin and Yang—Balance.

With the help of our talented designer, Georgia Ezra, some 12 months down the track, our hard work was revealed to the public on 30 May 2015.  It had been a long time coming with problems with planning permits, building issues, roof leakages, to name a few.

The fit out of the premises is but a first step towards our vision—which is to transform peoples lives by educating them in the importance of living a healthy lifestyle with balanced training and proper nutrition.

Share our vision here at Yoga XTC and believe that nothing is impossible.  Together we will work towards your goals and support you every step of the way.

Start your transformation journey with us today.