The Yoga XTC Story

As a certified workaholic, aches and pains had been part and parcel of my professional life and had been accepted as such. Resort to pain killers was a common short term solution but it came to a point when the body failed to respond resulting in headaches, stomach aches and reduced immunity. 

It then struck me that everything starts with a healthy body and ends with one.  Without health, we cannot work efficiently, cannot enjoy life and success with family and loved ones, cannot fulfil our professional and familial responsibilities and believe it or not, it affects the very people you love and care for.  Who wants a grumpy partner, parent, colleague or friend? How would your loved ones feel when you get sick?

The typical A type personality, although best suited to achieving success, is self destructive if not enough attention is given to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It has taken me some 7 years to realise:

  • the importance of exercise
  • the types of training required to achieve a healthy lifestyle without having to spend hours and hours in training or practising yoga
  • the optimal time to be spent on training to energise the body, clear the mind for work without exhausting the body and mind to a point where the mind wanders at work, muscles ache with every move
  • how and when to exercise to train safely
  • what nutrition plays in the overall health and well being (having obtained a Certificate in Sports Nutrition)

Yoga XTC is created to help busy people who are stressed, overtired, who do not know what to do or how to fit a training routine into their crazy schedule to live a healthy lifestyle.  

Yoga XTC is your solution if you want to bounce to work everyday, enjoy life, create spare time to spend with your family and friends from your already packed schedule, excel in whatever you do so you hold your future in your hands.  We start by working with you to help you build the foundation from which all the above sprout—a healthy mind and body.

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– Christine Lau