Feeling sluggish? Need Motivation? Here’s Why, What and How

Why is motivation important?

 If your body were a car, motivation would be the fuel needed to get you from A to B. 

Motivation initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviours. Without motivation, there is no reason to do anything and we find ourselves in the rat race, running around in circles, without any direction in our daily lives. 

As Robin Sharma said “The purpose of life is a life of purpose”.  How, then, do you find your purpose?

The “why” in everything we do

Many of you must be experiencing the difficulty of keeping to a training regime or embarking on one in the long winter months.   The seed of motivation comes from knowing and understanding the “why” we want to train, we need to train and this differs from person to person. 

These can be:

(a)           for medical reasons that one needs to lose weight and start eating healthily;

(b)           the pursuit of accolades in specific sports;

(c)           the pursuit of general fitness to enable the body and mind to work more efficiently for career advancement while still having the time for family and loved ones;

(d)           to maintain a healthy body to enjoy success in business and life with loved ones;

(e)           the relief from chronic pain due to old or recurring injuries; or

(f)             pure relaxation, team building with friends/colleague to create a more “purpose driven” team whether for work, sports, or a sense of community and belonging.


Once we found the Why – then the What:

We need an intention - once our intentions are set, we need to master discipline. Steps to Success (applies to everything really – but to achieve anything in life, first and foremost, you need a healthy body and mind).

1.             Make a realistic plan to achieve your goal

2.             Break down your goal into small goals/milestones:

a.    Have daily or weekly plans of checklists to complete

3.             Stick to your plan and focus

Here, our will power alone isn’t sufficient; we need to look and address other issues such as bad habits and diet, for they can prevent us from achieving our goals but most importantly have a negative impact on our health.

It is natural for the body to crave comfort, be that expressed in the food we eat or preference for “couch potato” behaviour.

4.             Break bad habits and create good ones

Start making changes slowly to give your body and mind time to adapt and process everything. Remember that there’s no short cut to your path in attaining good health.

“The only way to eliminate bad habits is to replace them with good ones”. Jerome Hines

Habits whether good or bad are in your life today for a reason. Most people know that we don’t eliminate our bad habits, we simply develop a new one and all it takes is 21 days.


Why “21” is the magic number? 

This is a specific number which makes it sound scientific and believable. We owe this particular proposition to Maxwell Maltz, the plastic surgeon who wrote the 60s bestseller Psycho-Cybernetics. He claimed to have observed that amputees took an average of only 21 days to adjust to the loss of a limb. Therefore, he reasoned that we’d expect the same changes from self-help and even the big changes in our lives.


Yoga XTC is your HOW:

Some of you may have noticed that all our yoga class names carry a suffix “y”.  This underpins our philosophy that we educate and explore with clients on the “why” they do the various types of yoga at our studio, how different combinations of the classes (yoga and fitness training) will benefit them and assist them in achieving their fitness goals. 

At Yoga XTC we believe that balance is the key to everything particularly in achieving your goals. Allow our team of dedicated instructors to guide you through your yoga practice, fitness training and nutrition requirements to best suit your needs, commitments in life, while making you accountable for your actions and taking you a step closer to achieving your fitness goals: turning your dreams into reality.

Balanced Training + Proper Nutrition = A Healthy Lifestyle.

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