Grand Opening

Situated at the end of Wilson Street, our white linen exterior is extremely hard to miss. Once you enter the space, your senses are immediately invigorated: by the aroma of fresh wood, a Marseille flavoured candle, flowers and people bonding forging a sense of community.

Within the realms of our yoga space, designed by Georgia Ezra from G.A.B.B.E interior design: the warmth, soft lightning, tranquil music and tea light candles set the tone for every yogi and yogini as Karmen our lead yoga instructor guided them through various shapes leaving everyone feeling rejuvenated and zen.

Concurrently in our fitness area, fitness enthusiasts had a mini taste of Nick our lead fitness trainer’s creative sequence. The highlight of the practice was to be able to track and monitor your heart rate and effort in real time while shedding calories utilizing the myZone technology.

A massive shout-out to Chapel Precinct, Pressed Juices, They’ll Never Find us, The Lucky Penny, Pana Chocolate, Lorna Jane and The Source Prahran for being a part of our grand opening and making that day extra special. We are so lucky to be showered by kind words and beautiful flowers from our beloved friends and family. Lastly, to everyone that showed up – we are humbled by your love and support. We couldn’t have done it without you!

From everyone at YogaXTC: have a superb long weekend! Join us at Jam Factory next Saturday June 13th for some freebies and fun! 


Content by Kelvin Wong

Photographs by David Au