Free yCross Classes on Saturdays!

YogaXTC is proud to announce our yCross classes starting this July. This is a class blending yoga flow and body weight core training designed to nurture your mind and condition your body. A fun-filled class, which will have you hooked!  

This is how we roll; Nick begins the class with basic stretches and warm ups to awaken the body and create mobility in the spine. Participants will then proceed to two different circuits of interval training. 

From there, everyone will transition into our yoga room and be guided through a series of postures. The instructor will finish off with a yin based asana and pranayama to allow the body to enter into a state of bliss.

yCross Class runs for an hour. It will be free for a limited time and limited to 8 participants in a class. Make sure you book in HERE so you don't miss out! 



Content by Kelvin Wong

Photographs by David Au