How to find a fitness routine that works for you

With 2016 approaching, everyone wants a "fresh" start and outlook at health and fitness routines. Now that a New Year Resolution is made, your next step is to work out its implementation.

Within a 5 km radius of where you work or live, there are:

  • 24 hour gyms
  • large commercial gyms, health clubs, personal trainers
  • cycling studios
  • pilates studios
  • yoga studios
  • "fusion" type studios merging dance and yoga, barre body (merging ballet and yoga)
  • online DIY training in your pocket

Where do you start looking?

Remember: Random Exercises = Random Results (if any)

Find out what "Exercise Type Category - "XTC"" you belong to by answering the following True or False questions and tally up your score. True= 2 points, False = 1 point.

  1. I rank "health and fitness" to be of high importance
  2. I have fewer than 4 hours a week to commit to exercise
  3. I believe nutrition plays an important part in staying healthy and lowering the risk of chronic and fatal illness and disease
  4. I am highly stressed and am in overdrive all the time
  5. I readily sacrifice my personal time to pursue my career
  6. I would like more time for myself, not have packed meetings everyday, be able to not respond to emails for a continuous period of 24 hours
  7. I would like more energy for work, rest and play.

Exercise Type Category 1 (XTC1)

Total Score > 10

Intellectuals who are "mind driven"

You have all the best intentions of staying healthy (looking good) and eating the right foods but:

  • you believe you don't have the time to devote to training to stay healthy
  • you rely on quick fix meals which give you the calories to soldier on as opposed to nutrient rich foods that give you the raw materials required for efficient body repair and functioning
  • you cannot handle meditation to slow your mind down
  • you want quick fixes and wonder why nothing you tried before worked
  • you feel you have the solution and rely on a trial and error approach to fitness
  • you are attracted to DIY online workouts which are convenient

Reality is:

  • to be healthy and lean, you do not need to train like a bodybuilder, follow strict diets and spend hours in the gym
  • you need just the right amount of training with adequate recovery in between to give you the physique and the energy that you want and the clarity of mind required to work efficiently in order to free up time for yourself, your family and friends
  • you do not have the time to try out the myriad of sporting, exercise options out there. To really gauge whether a particular exercise is working for your body, you need to be doing that at least twice a week and over a 3 month period. Imagine cycling for 3 months, doing pilates for 3 months, yoga for 3 months and so on. From here, add on the combinations, say, cycling plus yoga, pilates plus weight training and you will be spending your precious time in this "exercise trial and error" rat race.
  • Motivation can be hard to come by even though you may know exactly what to do. There are bound to be times when you think:
    • its too cold (in the morning)
    • let me just finish this first (lunch time)
    • I have a headache, shoulders are stiff, cannot be bothered getting changed to go to a 1 hour yoga session only to arrive home late and have to worry about dinner.
    • then there is the fall back on DIY online workouts.......REALLY??


You need professionals who are trained in fitness, relaxation techniques and nutrition to work out a comprehensive plan for you. You need to train in a supportive environment with like minded individuals where progress and results are measurable just like how you track your career progression. This way, you know exactly where you are at any point in time, where you need to go and what you need to do to achieve your health and fitness goals.


You will find that you have:

  • more energy to cruise through work commitments more efficiently and productively
  • a calmer and relaxed brain which promotes creativity
  • more time to spend with family and friends resulting in better networks for both your work and social circles
  • more time to engage in new adventures that you never thought possible
  • a concrete plan that you can follow knowing that it will work and stop worrying about your waistline, lethargy and always racing against time.

Exercise Type Category 2 (XTC2)


Creative people who are more "body driven"

You act on how your body feels and are guided by what feels right.  If you are not pressed for time, you enjoy trying different types of exercises to see how they "feel". You are the type who would go cycling and pilates this week, yoga, salsa next week and rock climbing the week after next!

The endless variety of exercise options keep you motivated and alive and exercising becomes more of a passtime.

Reality is:

  • there are no "results" to show for all your hard work
  • you are exercising for social reasons
  • injuries may happen more often due to unsupervised exercising in gyms and health clubs
  • there is no long term plan for attaining fitness and health goals which can be detrimental in the long run
  • it may be too late to leave it to your body to flag warning signals when you are not aware of what you should watch out for at each stage of your life
  • you may be inadvertently causing long term damage to your body by over stressing certain joints, ligaments or certain parts of the body
  • you may miss out on the prime time to embark on a healthy lifestyle thinking what you are doing is enough

Body driven exercising is fine for 20 year olds and fits into their lifestyle when trying out different things takes priority. Joining commercial gyms is a good way of trying out different exercising options, have a laugh with friends and share experiences but we would recommend some private sessions with a trainer to ensure that you know all the correct training techniques.


Exercise Type Category 3 (XTC3)

TOTAL SCORE = 8 to 10

Reason driven

For a variety of reasons, you want to exercise for a specific purpose.  Be that the pursuit of a passion, work more efficiently, reduce the risk of triggering hereditary diseases, nursing an injury, planning to start a family...

You will need professional advice from specialists who work in the relevant area to achieve your specific goals. It is here that you will need to pick and choose a predominant type of exercise for your routine with active recovery sessions factored in. Always be guided by your objectives and professional advice.

Call or email us. We love to help.

Our team at Yoga XTC is on hand to provide advice to all XTC(s) whether your best fitness routine fits in with what we offer. Contact us on 03 8528 1001 or email us at for an obligation free consultation. Our aim is to offer directions to everyone who wants to make a different to their lives and we are happy to refer them to training which benefit them.