How to create the best version of you at every stage of your life (Part 1)

Your physiology and your body's mechanism change as you age.

Over the next 2 weeks, we will explore each age group from 20's to 70's, look at biological changes to our bodies, challenges that we face and the type of diet and exercise that best suit each age group for a healthy, beautiful body.

Each stage in life brings its own challenges and the purpose of maintaining a healthy and fit body and mind means changing training routines to work with our body. Age groups used in this article are not fixated and there are certainly habits that can accelerate one's biological ageing or slow it down. The earlier you start understanding your body and prepare for the next stage in the biological calendar, the better equipped we are to deal with and make the most our of the changes.

When you are in your 20's – Anything is possible.

You would be pursuing an education or vocational work, seeking out or establishing the grounds to further either a skill or training.

You are relatively carefree, no financial or family commitments. This is a great time to go travelling to see the world, understand different cultures, spend time with friends, including late night clubbing. You are particularly conscious of your body image, chasing the "perfect centrefold" body and are susceptible to quick fixes and try fad diets.

Biologically, your metabolic rate is high, you can get away with any foods (including junk food), drinking frequently and not having to workout to burn the fats from the fatty and unhealthy foods that you eat.

Physiologically you can build bone, muscle and connective tissues easily and rapidly. Recovery from intense workouts will take no time. Your mind guides your body and whatever you feel is doable, your body will agree.

If you can get away with everything, why should we even think about a healthy lifestyle? The body repairs itself, right?

Although you may feel invincible, this is the time to build the muscle, bone and strong tissues for longevity and the framework of a healthy eating blueprint.

This is the time to discover the different types of exercise available, try as many things as possible, find the types of exercises that you like which give you the best results. Perfect time in your life to build the body that will give you the energy to pursue your gaols and develop the mindset that will keep you kicking goals at each stage of your life.

30's – Life starts getting "complicated".

You will find yourself working late hours, climbing the corporate ladder, eyeing a partnership in a professional firm, getting dumped with more responsibilities at work. On the home front, you may already be in a steady relationship, planning for a family. You are still conscious of your body image and start wondering why fats have shifted in the body, slight weight gains as harder to lose and moderate workouts now sends you huffing and puffing. The constantly diminishing time available for you to work out and cook healthy meals just compounds the problem.

Biologically, your metabolic rate starts to slow down slightly, a slowing widening at the waistline starts haunting you, you start to feel muscle aches and pains and recovery time from workouts now takes longer.

You may think – I'm at the prime of my life, a little weight gain can be easily be fixed, right?

This is the time to adjust your caloric intake and activity levels to account for your slower metabolic rate, be mindful of the quality of your intake of food as you body may become sensitive to some foods and it is now harder for you to lose weight or gain muscle.

Design your diet around getting quality nutrient dense foods to optimise hormonal and overall health if you are planning to start a family. Establish simple nutritional and fitness routines such as effective short workouts and fast pre healthy dinners. Including de-stressing activities such as yoga, tai chi and meditation in your fitness routine is advisable.

Growing up takes time and we will explore the 40's and 50's in our next article.

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