Christine Lau — Founder and Director

Certified Nutrition Coach

As a solicitor by profession for over 22 years, I am very aware of the pressures of work, challenges in balancing work and family life, maintaining friendships and relationships when there is not even enough time to sleep.

Fulfilment in career, to an extent, can mask all the discomfort the body is feeling.  The body, however, has its own way of fighting back by way of entertaining every bug that happens to visit, telling the stomach to cramp up every now and then and sending aches and pains to every muscle it has.

Health is something that we only miss when it’s lost, not unlike most things in life but this one happens to the most important of them all. 

Practising hot yoga was my first attempt which helped ease muscle stiffness and pains at the end of a working day to prepare the body for more sedentary postures the following day. Reality then hit when I discovered I was left panting for breath for longer than the time I “sprinted” after chasing after a bus. Next period saw me going to the gym 3 times, train with a personal trainer and practise yoga 4 to 5 times a week.  My general health definitely improved as viruses were kept at bay but what accompanied that “improvement” were constant injuries, sprained muscles and the feeling of exhaustion. 

What I needed then was someone who could review all my exercise routine, understand what I want to achieve, advise me on the combination of “exercises” that I need to do to help me train efficiently, smartly and give me the clarity of mind that I need for work, rest and play.

I went and completed yoga teacher training to further my understanding and knowledge in yoga practice and commenced my Certificate III in fitness plus nutrition accreditation. I designed my own training schedule, following how my body felt and eventually, managed to find the right balance of yoga and fitness training for my lifestyle.


The result is that I have more energy and more importantly, a clearer mind to do what I love doing, work the same, if not even longer hours, no longer suffer from those muscle aches and pains, no more injuries as I learnt when to schedule rest days in my routine.

Yoga XTC is about the “missing puzzle” for people who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle but cannot find a professional who can create an appropriate training schedule for them that best suit their fitness and life goals.  We are not simply a yoga studio or a fitness studio which provides the space and “our” predetermined program for you to join in.  Our variety of programs is there for us to create a suite of classes to suit you. 

Remember also that as people age, bodily changes will dictate changes to one’s training routine for optimal health benefits.  We, therefore, have built in periodic monitoring and reassessments in our programs to ensure that you are doing all the rights things, at the right time, for the best results and benefits.