Yoga XTC specialises in designing personalised programs that create sustainable healthy lifestyles. Our clients enjoy their new lifestyle so much that they never look back after six months.

The Yoga XTC Experience.


With individualised programs that combine yoga, fitness group training and nutritional support, we help our clients balance their busy lives with a healthy lifestyle in a fun and caring environment.


Yoga and fitness training designed for busy professionals who wants amazing results.

Unlike other yoga studios and gyms that take a "smorgasbord" approach, we are your "Personal Chef". Our tailored programs are designed for the busy professionals who don't want to waste time doing random exercises and getting little or no result.

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High intensity interval, resistance and core fitness classes.


New range of high performance fitness classes.

You will benefit from the efficiency of focused training while the combined fitness elements still give you the full body workout for a fit and lean body. Our new innovative classes will get you leaner faster doing what you love most.

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New! Yoga Progression Series.


Unlike other yoga studios that leave you feeling lost after a class as to what you have achieved or whether you are on track to improving your practice, our clients say that they learn something new in class with us every time. They most love the progression series that they can take home with which not only give them more energy for their day, stretch out tight muscles but also improve their body strength step by step for a more satisfying practice.

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